Dark Girls Documentary

I have seen similar videos as this one before and this being one more to explore this issue. This self-hate that exists in our black communities is really saddening, especially seeing that this disease is passed down to children, continuing this cycle. It’s one thing to see a grown woman struggling with this self-hate, indeed I feel for them, but that child that equates being black with bad, not beautiful and not intelligent breaks my heart. This love for fairer/lighter skin doesn’t just exist in the black community, but every community that is not white. I have seen it with Arabs, Desi’s, Hispanics, East Asians, etc. What do all of these people have in common? They have all been colonized by White Europe and associate beauty, intelligence, power all that is good with white, their former “masters”. The physical shackles may have broken, but clearly other far more lasting shackles still remain.


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