Finding the time to write

One of my greatest passions is writing and I wish i had more time to sit down and just write. I finished a novel, which I am very proud of and very anxious to publish, however finding the time to edit has been very difficult lately. Caught between med school applications, graduate school, and family obligations it has been really hard to have any creative energy left. In June before I left for Kenya, I handed a copy to a friend, someone who has an editing background. Since my return, I have met with her once to talk about the novel. She gave me a lot of good pointers. She liked the story, found it very compelling and see’s a market for it, but she advised I work on the structure ie grammer, punctuation, paragraphing, etc. She also advised after I edit to send it to an agent and go through the traditional road to publishing my work.

Writing a novel is not easy. I know that already. I have been writing this novel for 3 long years, although I had completely changed the original story line I had started writing and wrote this particular story in about 9 months. But I know this is hard and slow work. At the same time I am growing very impatient and want to publish it already. I want to get this story out there and start working on the next one, as there are many stories in my head. But I don’t want to rush this process and want to produce the best work I can, especially for my first novel. I appreciate the advice of my friend, but I am leaning towards editing it myself and self-publishing. I am hoping people will respond to the story and eventually a publishing company will offer me a deal. I dream of seeing my work on booksheleves and InshaAllah it will happen.

I have loved writing this story. It didn’t feel like work to me. I have enjoyed every moment of it and I believe in it. But editing is a whole different feeling. Its frustrating and painfully slow. There is no enjoyment in editing for me, but its a very important segment of the entire process. A process I just want to end soon.

I should be done applying to schools within the coming days and I hope to get a spark for the editing process afterwards. At the same time I have so many family obligations and my last year of my program will begin on Monday.

Alhamdullah though. I want to enjoy every moment, every day, and appreciate the little things. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by all that is going on. Inhale and Exhale.


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