Troy Davis Execution: Death Penalty is Criminal

I am someone that believes in theory the death penalty. Life is scared and anyone that takes the life of another human being deserves the same fate, however the death penalty in practice, in the US has been criminal in so many cases by executing innocent people and on faulty evidence. The so called justice system of putting so many black men behind bars is criminal and anyone who thinks can see the racism behind this system. So how can one in their right mind and if one believes in justice at all support a criminal system, with many inconsistencies such as the death penalty here in the states? Watch this CNN report of Troy Davis’s case. On inconsistent, faulty evidence a man’s life hangs on the balance! Where is the justice in that!? It’s criminal! This death penalty system needs to be abolished.

*Please sign the petitions online, NAACP and Amensty International have petitions online. *


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