Troy Davis Likely to be executed September 21st 7pm despite lack of evidence

Facts about the case:

1) Of the nine original witnesses in the case, seven have either recanted or contradicted their original stories

2) Of the two witnesses who have not recanted, one of them was a suspect in the murder, Sylvester Coles. A witness even claimed that Coles bragged at a party about having killed an off-duty police officer.

3) Nine individuals have signed affidavits indicting that the murder was committed by Sylvester Coles

4) The list of people asking that the Georgia parole board offer clemency included Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 51 members of Congress and death penalty supporters including William S. Sessions.

5) The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles has originally stated that the execution would only take place if there is “no doubt” about the guilt of the man they are killing. We argue that there is tremendous doubt in the case of Troy Davis.

Source: Amnesty International

How could a man be executed on these grounds? Who are the members of this awful board and where in this world were they taught about justice to sign off on this man’s execution despite the lack of evidence?

Here is the board that denied Troy clemency.

I wonder what they have to say of the lack of phyiscal evidence pointing to Mr. Davis as the killer and the witnesses who have recanted their story, the very witnesses in which the case against Mr. Davis was orginally built upon? I am baffled at how they can come to this decision, do they know something we don’t and why won’t they share the smoking gun evidence that warrents Mr. Davis’ execution with the rest of us?

We all want justice for the family of the innocent police man that was killed, but justice can not be served by killing a man on faulty evidence! This is insane and it’s being done in front of the entire Nation. I am hoping for a large protest and civil action against the state of Georgia! This is an outrage to me.

Troy Davis’ sister Kimberly Davis spoke to Democracy Now about the ongoing effort to save her brother’s life and said: “We’re not only fighting for justice for Troy; we’re fighting for the Troy Davises that came before him, for the Troy Davises that are going to come after him. The fight for Troy Davis has brought a whole new family to us…all over the world.”

I pray your family gets justice Mrs. Davis and this “justice” system that kills so many black and poor men is revised.


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