A very sad day in US history: Legalized Lynching in 2011, the killing of Troy Davis

Troy Davis killed September 21st, 2011 11:08pm in the state of Georgia.

Defiant to the end, he told relatives of Mark MacPhail that his 1989 slaying was not his fault. “I did not have a gun,” he insisted. “For those about to take my life,” he told prison officials, “may God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” Those were his last words according to witnesses.

I am sorry we didn’t do more for you Mr. Davis. I am sorry that there were only 700 wonderful human beings to protest your death in person, when your story should have gotten 700 thousand of your fellow Americans to the streets. I am sorry for not doing my part apart from sending emails, signing petitions, and being deeply haunted by your experience. I am sorry for not doing enough. Your death is not in vein. You have inspired a people. This corrupt system that unfairly prosecutes the poor and the black and brown needs a serious revision. For the brave persons, who made the great sacrifice of being there in person to protest and those human rights advocates continuing to protest and working tirelessly against the unjust system of the death penalty, thank you for your sacrifice. To reporters like Amy Goodman, thank you for your great journalism! You make our world a better place. I salute all of you. Peace be with Davis’ family and death to the death penalty!

“I am in a place where execution can only destroy your physical form but because of my faith in God, my family and all of you I have been spiritually free for some time and no matter what happens in the days, weeks to come, this Movement to end the death penalty, to seek true justice, to expose a system that fails to protect the innocent must be accelerated. There are so many more Troy Davis’. This fight to end the death penalty is not won or lost through me but through our strength to move forward and save every innocent person in captivity around the globe. We need to dismantle this Unjust system city by city, state by state and country by country.” ~Troy Davis


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