Thank you Turkey and Prime Minster Tayyip Erdogan!

The Somali people have faced a lot of difficulties and great challenges in the past 20 years since the fall of the government. Every Nation and people have faced dark days and these are the dark days for Somalia. And with God’s help Somalia and the people of Somalia will have better days ahead. We shall rise and rebuild Somalia. I am confident and have faith in my people. We are a strong and resilient people. Peace, security and prosperity rather than violence, insecurity, and poverty will InshaAllah become the norm in Somalia.

During these dark days of the Nation’s history, in which we face senseless violence, ruthless fanatics, and devastating famine all sending scared lives to death far too early, the Somali people will always remember the generosity of the Turkish people and the great leader Prime Minster Tayyip Erdogen. As a Somali American I was moved to tears when I saw Prime Minster Erdogan and his entire family descend upon the city of my birth, once a beautiful city, the jewel of Africa, but now claims the title of the most dangerous place on Earth.

Your symbolic visit Prime Minster Erdogen by bringing your entire beloved family to a city no world leader in your position dared to enter and the world by and large has abandoned for the past two decades was courageous. Your commitment to help Somalia and the people of Somalia in these tough times is admirable. Your nobel consciousness to hold the world accountable for what is happening in Somalia and speak for the voiceless at the UN and on the world stage is inspiring. Your passionate vow to rebuild Somalia and educate young Somalis by offering them scholarships to come to Turkey renews our hope for the future. The Somali Nation and Somali people everywhere like myself will never forget the support you and your Nation Turkey have given us in this hour of need. We can not thank you enough and we count on your support. We pray Allah SWT to support Turkey and Prime Minster Erdogan.

Long Live Turkey! Long Live Prime Minster Erdogan! And may Allah SWT heal our wounds and give our children a better world to live in. Ameen.


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