It’s tough being black

German journalist darkens his skin & under hidden camera shows what it is like being black in a part of Germany. Black people are the one race, where we face discrimination like this in every part of the world, from Asia–>Middle East–>Europe–>North America–>Latin America, we as a race face this sort of humiliation. What do these populations around the world have in common to hate on black people? Ill let you figure that one out.


2 Responses to It’s tough being black

  1. B.B says:

    I dont think being black is any tougher than being any other race. People are diffrent, i’m not saying racist ppl dont exist, but i think its as much negativ as it is positive. Another thing is, honestly, black ppl are as racist as the rest . I’m sure if an Asian person came to a small town/village in Africa, people will look at him/her as they are from the outer space, and it wont help you if you are an “original viking” , still a group of nomads from ‘Darfour Sudan’ will give you the same look. If my grandmother from Mugadisho dont give the same look to my norwegian friend , then i’ll agree that ppl are ‘discriminating’ the black race, but, i’m 100% sure she will do n maybe take her to -quran sar- cuz she may think that the white colour is coming from -jin- :D.

  2. Guulo says:

    Hi B.B

    There is no doubt there are positives, otherwise the world would be unlivable.

    I have never been to Sudan personally, but I am willing to bet some nomads may stare at the Asian person in your example, that is if they never have seen an Asian (which I find hard to believe, nomads are more globalized than we give them credit for, but for now we will entertain the example you gave), let’s say they will stare at this Asian person, but it will be staring in that the person is different than what they usually see in their community. After all it’s human nature to look at and be curious about what is different than what one is used to seeing. However I don’t think the staring by the nomads will equal disdain, animosity and a sense of superiority over the Asian race. I was in Kenya this past summer and since I was coming from the US, I traveled with white Americans. The part of Kenya I was in for the most of my trip was more rural and yes there were instances where the non-black individuals caused a spectacle (I mention rural here because this would never happen in the city ie Nairobi). But it was never done with disdain, racism, or with a sense of superiority, rather it was purely out of curiosity and people loved the difference of skin color. Unfortunately in some instances they found white=better.
    So I don’t buy that blacks are as racist as others, I will say however we discriminate against each other. Since you are Somali then you know of terms like adoon and jareer.

    The point here is the learned behavior of looking down on the black race as an “inferior people” with disdain and so forth, this my dear is something we as a black race face in the world and has warranted my statement, its tough being black. What the world populations have in common is the vast colonization by Europe and although the physical shackles of that oppression has ended, the mental shackles still exist and it’s most tragic when it’s found among our own.

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