Chris Medina – What Are Words

I must be late because I came across this song just now. I don’t follow American idol since the old days and have no idea who this kid is. I am saddened by the tragedy that has visited this young woman, full of life and now stuck in existance. The song sends a beautiful message, what are words if not backed up by action during the good times and bad times. I always believed you never know one’s true character until the test of life comes. A good man he is indeed for sticking by her and alhamdullah is all I can say. Be greatful, life is unpredictable.


2 Responses to Chris Medina – What Are Words

  1. vicyloo says:

    I loved the song and cried for half an hour after i watched this and other follow up videos. You never know what’s gonna happen in life,health is the most important thing but we forget this fact in the daily rush of things.With my limited student budget, I try to make donations as much as i can,because i know there’s someone out there who doesn’t even have what i have and even a small amount can make a difference. People don’t care about these things unless something happens to them. I have high empathy and i get depressed whenever i come across to these kind of stories so i usually try to avoid tragic news whenever i come across to them,i just turn off the TV or turn the page over, then i feel bad knowing that i am avoiding.But I can’t help it i just can’t be sorry for them and move on, they leave permanent effect on me. I think it’s great that you want to go to Somalia and other extensions of Africa after medical school and help people in need. I don’t have the heart to do that..In order to be useful there, you need to keep your distance and stay strong and tell them everything’s gonna be alright without crying and getting too emotional.

  2. Guulo says:

    Indeed health is the most important and we forget often how good we have it. Seeing this young woman full of life and youth and the contrast to what she is now after her injury is heartbreaking. We never expect tragedy to happen to us. Whenever we think about the future or where will be in the next five years, our hope as human beings is so great that none of us imagines anything but the good. Perhaps it’s a good survival mechanism for us to block out the bad and focus on the good, as you have rightfully stated about becoming totally consumed by seeing the sad state of affairs of our fellow human beings. I have done that and do so now, because when I don’t block it out, I am unable to function, my heart carries a heavy burden and if I kept dwelling about the helplessness I just might become insane. So I have to adjust myself in order to protect myself. Somethings are just bigger than us and we may not save millions, but we can do something and help make someone’s life better. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but its more than what would have been there if nothing was done. I do believe that is our purpose is to help our fellow human beings and to lack empathy means having a cold heart devoid of goodness. To feel for others and rise above beyond our wants and needs is to be truly alive. A world without empathic people is a world without compassion and that would be a terrible world to live in. So being emotional and having empathy is a very good thing. Since this video made you cry, maybe this will make you cry happy tears, if you haven’t seen it already. People like this man make our world a better place. May we aspire to something greater than our selfish needs. Take care.

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