ABG | The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl

This is one of my favorite shows. I don’t watch TV, shows, except Dexter and since hearing the creator of this series Issa Rae on NPR, now I watch this show and so happy NPR did a segment because it i listen to NPR daily and it would have taken me a long time to come in contact with this gem of a show. It has given me great laughs. It’s short clips, but very clever. I hear she is in the works of getting a TV deal, and she should, her show beats all the nonsense on TV. And the story of determination of Issa Rae to make it on her own with her work is inspiring! Big Ups!

You have to watch all the episodes to get into it, there isn’t as many laughs in this episode as in the others, but I am posting because the scene between Jay and White Jay at the end reminded me how unforgiving I am at disrespect.
White Jay disrespects Jay in this episode and I felt it as a viewer, even though nothing like that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what Jay will do and I mad we have to wait so long for the next episode, but if I was ever in that situation it would be over for me. Caaloosheeda bu ka go’ee laha as Somalis say. I don’t hold grudges, I am not one too. But I realized if this is a fault depending on who you ask, I can be very unforgiving and my heart can turn quickly if the person I give my best to, respect, love, admire, make an effort for doesn’t give it the same. I don’t think its wrong to be this way its human nature, but intellectually I do believe giving people a chance despite their hickups (depending on the hickup of course), but emotionally I don’t think I can if what I described above or the similar happens. Does that make me unforgiving? Of course we all have conditions, the only relationship without conditions is perhaps the one between mother and child. Part of me admires those “free spirits” that just don’t care, give, give and love without expecting anything in return because its who they are. I am rambling, not sure if I make sense. But the truth is I care and I expect alot because I will give a lot and if I don’t get it, emotionally I tend to become distant.

I think love/relationships/friendships are like the body and need nourishment to keep it healthy and strong, this nourishment cannot be one sided for long, sooner or later without nourishment it all begins to weaken or it finds a home in a new garden keen on giving nourishment.

Anyway that is what i was thinking watching the scene between the two Jays.

This show is great, check out her channel for more episodes.


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