Facebook updates and the love bug

Ahhh Facebook Love! Smile. Oh those million couple profile pictures, endless heart smiles, those pet names shout outs and status love quotes. Ahhh. Love, that euphoric feeling that makes one act childlike again and incredibly blissful, which makes everyone else not in love laugh or cringe depending on the way they see things at the change of behavior in the person that has caught the infection of love. And now thanks to technology and social networks we can see how this infection overtakes and changes someone

I have never been in love, but I have a great imagination in what it may feel like (So I tell myself). I can understand when one is extremely happy and love can make one extremely happy then some people may wish to scream their happiness out loud. I don’t think its flaunting. I think it’s natural when one feels joyous they can’t help themselves sometimes but tell the world about it. And nothing is wrong with that. It makes me happy to see other people happy.

But! Oh there is always a but eh?! Over the years I have seen couples blast us (those of us on their friends list) about how much they were in love and all the sweet things their lover did for them. And awww (wipes fake tears) all those little cute pet names they call each other and lovely couple pictures. Ahem, clears throat. Not long after “in a relationship” was updated to “single” and all those coupled up pictures were deleted. What!? But how could your amazing love affair end? What! We had to endure all those status updates, cute pet names and million pictures on our “news feeds” for so long and just when I was getting used to the perfect fairy tale couple.

Okay so obviously I am joking here. I am not bothered by what other people post about their lives on social networks. I have learned to tune it out. Relationships form and relationships end that is a given. What has changed over the years is the shifting of society towards sharing every aspect of their life including the most intimate aspects of life-love, marriage. And it happens even to the most sensible of people. I decided to do this post after observing a mature sister that has become engaged, and how lately its all about her new found love on Facebook. I am truly happy for her and sincerely pray it is long lasting for them.

But I think moderation is a good road take in my opinion. It’s okay to give a shout out to your love once in a while if you can’t control the urge, but why overdue it on Facebook status when you can just as easily call them or send them a text, or better yet tell them to their face because its most likely they are in-front of you as you itch to do that Facebook status.

It’s like we have a need to tell it. Every little thing one does, the restaurant they go to, where they ate, who they ate with, where they got a drink, saw a movie, what movie, and so forth people today have this NEED to tell it. I think sensible people would exercise caution and not share intimate moments from their life with everyone. I blog about my life, have a facebook account and now I have a twitter account. I write about events in my life only on my blog, because I feel like it’s my space to write my thoughts, but even here I don’t have this need to tell everything and take a picture of myself everywhere I go and post it. So no probably you’ll never read about how madly in love I am in and the pet names for my lover, unless of course there is something in this love that I can discuss intellectually in a general manner with others and learn something. If I ever catch that bug and post “how sweet my baby is and we did this” I grant you the permission to slap me. And to slap with full force.

This need to overexpose ourselves publically was one of my reasons why I slowly backed off Facebook and deleted all my pictures. I looked at the newsfeed and just observed everyone. Constant was the need to share everything with everyone. It just seemed sort of pointless. I don’t want to participate. It maybe because I am more of fan of reading articles, watching and reading discussions on topics of interest, and great quotes.

And as they say a picture is worth a thousand words…


2 Responses to Facebook updates and the love bug

  1. vicyloo says:

    I completely agree with you.It’s good to see that your friends are happy, to see their pictures together or their families etc but some people post everything,literally everything.Changing status between in a relationship and complicated. Why would you share that? ‘We had a fight’, a lot of comments: ‘oh no you guys can’t break up nooo…’ then a new post: back in a relationship,we made up.More comments..’yay!..’ It’s like watching a reality show.They have no privacy.I believe some do it on purpose ,for example, posting i miss you i love you etc on each others wall to show that if there is anyone interested in their boyfriend/girlfriend they should back off:) A lot of my friends do that which i think is due to lack of confidence. I believe some people like to be in a relationship on facebook and posting all the details more than being with that person.My ex bf was posting details or commenting every single picture of mine making sure that everyone knows that i have a bf.I hated it! Today having a facebook account is inevitable esp if you live away from your friends,that’s pretty much the only communication to keep up with their lives ,see how they are doing etc. I think it is good for watching videos, or reading some interesting posts but i sometimes want to puke when reading some of people’s posts and intimate details. Facebook also keeps changing privacy settings.I don’t think the things we delete are completely deleted. People don’t realize how facebook threatens our privacy.Anyway there are a lot of things to be said about facebook.

  2. Guulo says:

    True about the privacy. I’ve seen friends applying to programs and during that process changing their names to something different. These days schools/programs/companies google people to find more information. It’s very simple to do so. It never crossed my mind people post some of these things to send a message for others to back off. Interesting. I agree with you its lack of confidence and trust in each other. Sad. But we all make our decisions.

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