“God loves me” “God favors me”

I don’t like these phrases at all. I think there is defiantly that belief in some people that when life is going well, then the Creator must love them. I know that mentality exits because I have witnessed it. The problem here is that the opposite implies those with a harsh life/circumstance are not in favor with God. If believers are supposed to be humble and I cant think of any religion that does not command humbleness, then this sense of God loves me/God has favored me is arrogance. How is it not? And how does one know God loves them anyway? Do they have a special and direct communication with God we don’t know about? Just because they have “a good life” and things are going well for them? So if things don’t go well and one’s life turns for the worst, would these same people be saying God doesn’t love me or think they have fallen out in favor with God? I just don’t like this phrase at all. If your life is going well and things fall into place, it’s not because you are special, or any better than the poor fella down on his luck and begging on the street. Perhaps he is better than you, who knows. Just be grateful. Say alhamdullah, thank you God for what I have and move on. Don’t be arrogant and think you’re special.


3 Responses to “God loves me” “God favors me”

  1. B.B says:

    As i countinue reading what you write, sometimes i wish if there was a like button i could press, cuz i liked what u wrote n i wouldnt say it in any diffrent way :). A big like here.

  2. Guulo says:

    There is a like button B, but I like comments more, more interactive than “like”. And sooner or later I might write something you don’t like, you’ll let me know :). Cheers.

  3. B.B says:

    Oops, cant belive i didnt see the like button,hehe, how embarrassing :-S.
    Yea Guulo, sure i’ll let you know , it will help us see thing from another point , different angle, and thats always good 🙂

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