“Humanizing Muslims”

Another pharse I can’t stand. This is just from my facebook status, sincce I came across this term again and I don’t have the time to do an indepth post on it. But it speaks for itself.

In the media and discussion circles I have come across the phrase “humanizing Muslims” being used so often, but to humanize means to make something more human, you cannot make human beings more human, as they are human by default, period. All people have their humanity and no people, or individual is more human than the other, therefore there is no need to humanize a group of people. Everyone is human. It is those who see a group of people as less human, dehumanize people, or stereotype a group of people that are in need of humanizing since they are the problem. When people say “humanize” it reeks of imperialism, for example the term civilize. What they are actually saying is let’s make those that are different, change their ways to appear more like us. No one needs to “humanize” me. I am human.


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