The Next Two Weeks

Past two days: Nearly 24 hours of researching/understanding semester long concepts and I am not even halfway to getting things done! I say I will never do this to myself, that I am going to do my work early, but here I am yet again.

December 5-December 9 *InshaAllah*

Monday: Taking the day off to work on Tuesday’s presentation
Tuesday: A presentation of my final project on Molecular Epi (haven’t started)
Wednesday: A presentation group project on Pharmcoepi (almost done)
Thursday: A final project (not near done, researched all day yesterday!, this was assigned months ago again pssst) and a quiz (what’s on it again? Crap!)
Friday: A short breather then get on next week.

Week 2:

Monday: Research/Work
Tuesday: A final paper and presentation of my semester study project
Wednesday: Two final papers aka semester projects due for molecular and pharmcoepi
Thursday: Final exam and homework project in biostats
Thursday Night: Freedoom!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll get drunk w/ sleep!

Oh God: its 9:10pm and I am not even close to accomplishing my goals. I had set up being done with this part of my project by 6pm, I am 3 hrs behind schedule. Yikes.

Synthetic confidence *Tells herself she is awesome, brilliant and has everything under control***


4 Responses to The Next Two Weeks

  1. AEFan says:

    Haha. This sounds like me. I finished my semester two weeks ago. 45,000 words in the last fortnight. Somehow the small paniced voice in ones head can be useful 🙂 Stick in there Guulo. Good luck

  2. Guulo says:

    Haha yep that voice is useful, it silences the true voice the one that asks “when are you going to learn and stop procrastinating?” oh lucky lucky you! i am envious! the next few nights will be harsh-let the all nighters begin! *sips her red bull*. Thank you, can’t wait for a “vacation” and next semester I shall and will not procrastinate!!! tsk tsk. Take care. 🙂

  3. B.B says:

    Relax, you will be fine and as u said ‘you have everything under control’. Its true, u have a schedule, a plan and u have clue about what you are supposed to do, thats like 75% , the rest is – i dont know what it is- but i’m sure u know it :). Good luck and i’m telling you – from the otherside of the world, in a monday morning , drinking my 3 coffee- dont panic, not yet. :D.

  4. Guulo says:

    Relax–uhhh what is that B? Hehe. It’s intense, i just wish i had this intensity all the time or at least 90% of the time, if i did i’d accomplish so much in life. Alas, I am more closer than i was yesterday, and it’s on again till late late night :). Thank you for wishing me luck. Best to you too, till next time. Cheers.

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