Why are we just meeting?

It’s 3:30 am. I just got home after an all nighter on a project with my mate and yes I still have too much energy to blog this late. Blame all the caffeine I have consumed all day. It’s been a hectic two days. The sort of days where you are screaming, “where is my pen”, “did you see my pen”, when actually your pen is in your hand. Two projects out of the way and the battle has just begun. In my opinion the hardest part of anything in life is not the battle itself, but showing up for the battle. Once you join the battle, take that first difficult step, you have no choice but to fight and fight your best fight. The fight is not the hardest part, but taking the first step and getting started is the hardest part.

My mate and I have been working on our project for the past two days. Running statistical tests on our data and hitting brick walls over and over again. Tomorrow inshaAllah will be a big day, as we have to put everything together for our study and write our semester report in a couple of hours. No choice but to fight our best fight and I am confident we will succeed (IA).

But this post is not about the stress of finals week and the amount of work involved, but about the question in the title of this post: Why are we just meeting?

You see my mate for these group projects has become a good friend during this process and in this semester overall. I feel like I have gained a good friend and met a wonderful human being. And it’s not just him, a few others also in my program. They have enriched my semester and made my life easier by being there. But we will be entering our last semester come spring and we are just meeting. These are the same guys that sat across from me in class last semester and I have seen once a week for months on end. And yet we are just meeting for the first time.

All this time there were wonderful people around me. People I have shared great times with and benefited a lot from right across from me, but day after day we came to class, opened up our laptops and went about our tasks. Or we were more interested in browsing the web or checking our facebook rather than engage eachother beyond the usual greetings. When there were wonderful human beings right next to us, who can enrich our journey.

There is a lot to say about this, but its 4am in the morning and I must turn into sleep. I wonder how many great people we miss out on and have missed out on because the moment didn’t present itself. And I wonder why we meet people during a certain period in our life and not others. For example why did we meet this semester and not last semester when nothing much has changed in terms of circumstance.

It’s a mystery my sleepy self can’t tackle now. But what is evident is that we are surrounded by wonderful people. Turn off facebook/twitter, and engage your fellow human beings. You may find a pleasant gift.


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