Ruby Bridges-courage during the time of fear

I came across this story many years ago, but it was in passing and never really registered into the mind and heart. When I reflect on this era of civil rights as taught to us in the American school system I feel cheated. I feel cheated for all the years I sat in class and year after year we never got passed Dr. King and Rosa Parks. We never never dug deep into this historic period in the history of humankind not just the US. We never learned about the heroic personalities and their struggles. I feel cheated by the educational system.

Above is little 6 year old Ruby going to her first day to school and becoming the first black child to enter an all white school in New Orleans. Much has been written and said about this historic case to take us back in time and witness Ruby’s journey and that of her family. But each and every time I look at this photo of this little girl in her cute little dress surrounded by state marshals there is a lot that goes through my mind. I wonder what was going through her mind a little baby forced to face the ugliest side of humanity, I wonder what were her parent’s words to her the night before her first day of school and as her mama dressed her up in a pretty dress the morning of her first day to school I imagine she told little Ruby to be brave. To be upright against hatred, something no baby should have to face. The movie on Ruby’s story gives us the answers to these wonders, but still when I look at this photo the mind goes back to a time and to pause, to ponder and to share a moment with this little girl. To admire her courage. To thank them for their sacrifice. Many of us wouldn’t be here today without their sacrifice. Courage is indeed the most important of all the virtues. I can only seek refuge from difficulty and pray when tested that I face fear with an upmost courageous heart.

Here is the movie:


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