I don’t cuss. Well I’ll take that back, I’ll say shit and once in a blue moon drop the F bomb, but 100% of the time I say those two words towards something and not someone. I’m incapable of cussing someone out. I have never in my life cussed anyone out. Not saying I was never angered, but I find cussing vile and never had the urge.

Though I can see in a moment of anger someone cussing, what I don’t understand is cussing to show comradery. Of all the wonderful words in language, why would anyone especially a woman use the word “bitch” towards a friend. I personally hate this word. My body revolts when I hear the word “bitch” more than when I hear fuck or other cuss words. None of my friends cuss nor have I ever heard this word used in my circle of people, but I’ve come across it from others. Young women using the word “bitch” towards a friend, as in “hey bitch how was your day”, or “shut up bitch”, “did you miss me bitch” all in a playful/friendly manner.

I understand we are all different and I am someone that appreciates difference, but to call a friend “bitch” or call oneself “bitch”, why young women, why? Language has so much more beautiful words for one to utilize.

On another note, fortunately I have been spared from the “bitch” term, but I have endured occasionally the term “girlie”, as in “good night girlie”, “hey girlie”. I can’t help it. I hear an annoying almost degrading voice when that word is used. I do know that is not the intention of course, I just react negatively to this “girlie” term although it is does not feel as revolting and insulting as the other.


One Response to “Bitch”

  1. Jamila says:

    I hate the word “bitch” too and I have a sorta-friend who uses it all the time. It’s funny because she’ll go off on church rant about God and waiting on the Lord, then 5 minutes later she’s cursing like a sailor.

    When people curse they sound low class to me.

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