Queen Beatrix “controversy” in wearing hijab

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is under-fire from Right-Wing Islamophobes in her country for visiting a mosque and wearing the hijab. The charge led by Geert Wilders, a well-known Muslim hater is that Queen Beatrix by wearing the hijab or “headscarf” is aiding, get this in the “oppression of women”. I listened to the commentary today on Netherlands Queen’s visit to the Middle East on my way to school. It really makes me a laugh when I hear people like Mr. Wilders talk and they talk with so much authority. After-all a white middle age European male, who clearly hates Islam a religious tradition followed by 1/5 of humanity not only cares about the oppression of Muslim women, but has greater knowledge of the meaning of hijab and what Islam entails more so than the Muslim woman herself. Yawn.

What really bothers bigots like Mr. Wilders is that his Queen wore a symbol of the enemy and visited their religious gatherings. Then again this guy and other lunatics like him dream of eradicating Muslims, so hate exists and will continue to exist.

According to reports it is rare for the queen to respond directly to “criticism”, it is in quotes because this is not criticism it’s clearly bigotry, and as Queen Beatrix is quoted as saying, “It is really nonsense.” Props.


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