“Shit People Say to Hijabis”

Chances are if you use any of the popular social networks then you have come across the parody with the themes “Shit People Say”. I believe it all started with a twitter account called, “Shit my dad says.” I remember quite some time ago that the twitter account “shit my dad says” became so popular that the creator of it received a book deal, a TV deal, and perhaps there is a movie in the works. That’s all I know about that account, haven’t read much else, but I believe it was the start of this trend of videos we have seen recently.

In recent weeks there have been many similar parodies that have arisen along the lines of the same theme and done on short youtube clips. “Shit Girls Say.”, “Shit Black Girls Say”, “Shit Nigerian Parents Say”, “Shit Muslims Say” and the most famous them of all, drumroll. Daan Daan, Daan, it goes to “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls”. (To view those videos just search Youtube)

I first came across the videos on Facebook and then Clutch Magazine. Out of all the Youtube videos with this theme, “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” received the most attention, most hits on Youtube, was most blogged about and so forth. The young lady behind the YouTube video was featured on many media outlets both small and primetime. I believe some people also found it offensive. She wears a blonde wig and mimics a certain tone of voice, because of that some found the video to be racist. The creator of the video responded well in my view when she appeared on Anderson Cooper in saying she was pointing out ignorance and in doing so it is not racism. The videos are on youtube and I think it’s up to each person to come to their own conclusions.

Personally I’d like to see, “Shit People say to Hijabis”. Hijabis being Muslim women that cover like myself and people being everyone not just one particular group. Because believe me we hijabis hear comments from EVERYONE that will make you say in your head WTF?

Now I am not a colorful personality on screen and I could never pull off anything remotely funny let alone do so on a video. But I am sure there are Muslimahs out there that can put together a great parody on a short youtube clip, titled “Shit People Say to Hijabis”.

I thought about this, because coincidently after having watched “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls”, I encountered a WTF comment and quite remarkably it came from an INTELLIGENT friend.

As usual the matter concerns the hair under the hijab. I was at my friend’s house and had mentioned how dry my hair was becoming (winter and I are not friends, she makes plans to move to hot place) and that I was looking for good hair products.

My friend goes: “Do you wash your hair?”

Uhhh, Do I wash my hair?! What in the world kind of question is this? Okay. Okay. She must have meant I wash my hair too many times that as result my hair has become dry. Yes that must be it! Ah, wrong.

She replies: “Well we were talking”, referring to another friend of hers, “And if we had to wear hijab we’d never wash our hair”. She said something along those lines.

In my mind I am thinking, to wash means to clean. It’s good hygiene. To not wash means not to clean, it’s nasty and very bad hygiene. So why is my good friend wondering if I wash my hair at all? Not to mention she is someone that I actually traveled with, has seen my hair plenty of times and who knows I take showers, and wash my hair.

I shook my head and said of course I wash my hair. And me being me, I just looked it at as a mishap, a moment of ignorance. We all have those from time to time right? At the same time I couldn’t help but wonder if this sort of question could come from my good friend, someone that I traveled with, and who is intelligent and worldly experienced, and should KNOW BETTER, what are people and by that I mean adults not children thinking about hijabis and hygiene? Do they think that we don’t wash our hair? Whoa.

I know most strangers would never ask me a question concerning hijab and certainly not a similar question like my friend did, because we live in a society where we are taught to mind our business and most people find asking personal questions invasive. I personally don’t mind questions, but it’s been my experience with people that have great curiosity and I sense they do yet they hold it to themselves. I actually quite enjoy engaging people and don’t get angered at “innocent ignorance”. I think as long as one is sincere, respectful and inquisitive I find that healthy rather than bad. However we should expect more of adults concerning the diversity of world cultures and religions. Not to mention the quest for greater knowledge and understanding of others should be part of our individual tasks in our journey in this life. People should know better.

It’s been awhile since I got a question like the one my friend asked recently. Here I’ll recycle some of the infamous remarks I have received as Hijabi in the past:

–Do you sleep with that on?

–Aren’t you hot with that on?

–I bet you’re burning up right now.

–I can’t see how you can wear so much clothes. It’s so hot.

–Do you take a shower with it on? (Hmm now that I think of it, I hope to God my friend was not thinking along these lines. Yikes!).

–Are you allowed to date?

—Can you have a boyfriend?

–Do you have to marry your cousin?

–Will your marriage be arranged?

–Wow. You speak such great English

–How do you like being in America?

–Welcome to America (Uhh I’ve been here almost my whole life).

–By the way I hate what the US is doing in the Middle East. I don’t support the war. (Uhh, thanks i guess)

–“And for the international students ….” (Recently one of my professors looks at me and assumes I am an international student).

—Please verify your citizenship (Email sent to me every year from my school, though they have all the information and know I am a citizen since I’ve been at the same school for undergrad and grad school. Needless to say I don’t verify and delete the email each year. Shoo.)

That’s all I can think of for now, but believe me there is more. Come on hijabis of the world. Make a youtube video already before the trend dies.


2 Responses to “Shit People Say to Hijabis”

  1. B.B says:

    ‘And for the international students …’ , HILARIOUS, i cant stop laughing, unbelivable. All of them , i dont know what to say , but for now i’ll just read it again and again. ‘By the way I hate what the US is doing in the Middle East. I don’t support the war.’ , belive me, someone said that to me on friday, and how they support Palestine. Priceless. I just had to nod, like:’umm.ok. great.’

  2. Guulo says:

    Hehe B.B, i guess even with the vast information that is there and interconnection of the world still much more understanding is needed between people :). As a hijabi I do get a lot of positive comments as well far more than ignorance.

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