Hidden Racist Messages in Hollywood

This was an interesting perspective, and I believe she has a very important point to make. Hollywood has a history of this trend of making black/brown people helpless and in need of being saved, ie The Help, Avatar, Invictus, The Prince of Persia etc. I enjoyed her view, it is refreshing because many are not aware of the hidden racist messages in Hollywood films. It took reading an article years ago that made me realize movies are not as innocent and they send us these hidden messages about people that are not white. It’s a deliberate act and it’s racist.

*The only point I didn’t like was the reference about interracial dating of the actors etc. I get the feeling she doesn’t like interracial love. I think it takes away from the power of her argument on the racist messages in films, which is the real issue.*


2 Responses to Hidden Racist Messages in Hollywood

  1. Jamila says:

    I listened to the video.

    I guess you could say that I’m conflicted on this issue. I’m not going to see the movie, but the interracial love story doesn’t bother me and I don’t have a huge problem with the lack of black women in the film although I do wonder why the black women were cut out. It seems that George Lucas should have known that black women were not going to be happy with the lack of a black love interest anywhere in the film. I wonder how Lucas (and the director, writer, producer, etc.,) who had any sort of say over the final edit of the film could have failed to foresee the storm that the lack of black women in the film would cause.

  2. Guulo says:

    I think the creators of the story missed it big here. I too am not against the interracial love in film or in real life at the sametime I see a missed opportunity here considering we as consumers, movie goers NEVER get to see an epic movie featuring a black lead, which Red Tails is and to miss that element black women in the film I think fail short, although Mr. Lucus did fight to get this movie made, which I give him props for, at the sametime it’s another missed opportunity.

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