Update and Radiolab

Sorry for those of you reading and waiting for a new chapter. It’s that time of year again, middle of semester, projects/midterms/work, the painful waiting for med-school, one of my closest friends leaving the country, it’s been a hectic week for me, but alas count your blessings right? Indeed. Alhamdullah. What I am trying to say is that writing for me requires “mood”, I know I need to learn to fight that for the future and learn how make the mood happen, but at the moment that is where I stand and the mood is not feeling me right now. It’s been a week and I haven’t posted, sorry for those of you waiting. Please be patient and thank you for your interest. After posting next chapter, which I don’t see happening for at least 3 days, I’ll make a schedule on when to expect a chapter and will do my best to stick to that.

While I work on projects, I’ve been listening to radiolab, catching up on their shows. If you haven’t already heard of it, then you are missing out! It’s an amazing podcast and it’s free! I thank my good friend for introducing me to it.

One episode I listened to and that had me blown away is on “Lucy.” It’s a fascinating story of animal and human interaction. But although the story focuses on Lucy and her incredible human-like behaviorism, I was more fascinated by Janis Carter. As fascinating as Lucy was and as tragic as her end is, Janis’s devotion, loyalty to Lucy was awe-inspiring. You’ll understand what I mean if you listen to the episode and I didn’t get the sense that there was any material gain (scientific or otherwise as there was for the original caretakers of Lucy) for Janis by devoting years of her life to Lucy. It go me asking, what makes a person do that and sacrifice so much for a chimp? I personally would love to get more inside Janis Carter’s brain and do an experiment on her! The sense of devotion and loyalty I find incredible! Fascinating story and more episodes/podcasts can be found on radiolab.org. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Take care.

Link: http://www.radiolab.org/2010/feb/19/lucy/ *Please just copy and past link, I have trouble with wordpress linking*


4 Responses to Update and Radiolab

  1. Ita says:

    Dont worry. . .Im patient in waiting good things and good things and good results take good time and good mood.

    I dont know if there are podcasts in my area, cos even an internet connectiön sometimes is out coverage. So, i cant help myself with the link u’ve given).I live in far away village but wanna know everything around the world. i also wonder how someone love something(their animal/pets/)
    deeply. I ever wacthed in local Tv about how a man love his pets deeply. And it made his wife left him because she didnt stand that her husband spent his life took care about his pets. . . Maybe the priceless time he spent for his pets made him LOVE the pets that much. . . maybe my comment irrelevant with what u have writen. . But nice to read ur writing. I learn english by reading english articles in any kind of source.

  2. Guulo says:

    Salaam Ita,

    Ahh I hate it when I can’t access material because of coverage area. That’s too bad, I am addicted to radio lab, and TedTalks also check them out if its available in your area. Since I have exhausted the two looking for more similar venues where brillaint ideas are discussed, if you know of any please let me know. I think the example you gave is similar, it’s just that radio lab takes situations and spins it in a away that makes you go “Whoa”. I wish you could access it! Reading always helps. You know the language already, reading more will be a way to make you stronger in it:)

    • Ita says:

      Aswrwb. Its monday here.
      Still, i cant connect the link u’ve given with my internet mobile…
      The avaible connection here is only EDGE or GPRS. . .and there isnt any hotspot. Too bad indeed.
      I’ve no idea about any other venues. . . U know more than me.
      :-). Wish u good luck.

      • Guulo says:

        Aww sorry, but It’s amazing how technology has connected the world as you are on the other side of the world! Wish you the best too! Take care.:)

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