Clitoridectomy Cake at Sweden’s World Art Day

Above picture is Sweden’s minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.

The clitoridectomy Cake or “Painful cake” she is cutting depicts an “African woman” and the purpose was said to shed light on female genital mutilation (FGM). The scene is disturbing and shocking, as the attendees cut into the cake and the artist behind the black mask screams after the slicing.

There may have been some value in the symbolism at display if the attendees, including Sweden’s minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth weren’t too keen in the act and gloating at cutting the figure.

I mean just look at those smiles and the frenzy that is happening, one would think they were at a concert watching their favorite musician.

Not one person in that audience seems disturbed at this scene and what it represents. Something is not right here.

Someone please tell me this was all an act and there is more to this story. Putting aside the racial element to this scene and the motivations of the artist whatever that maybe, surly the longer version of the video would show us the attendees, many of them being women, including the minister of CULTURE of all things would have more intelligence and they were just acting here?

Either Mrs. Liljeroth deserves an Oscar for her gloating performance and this was all an act for the show, or deserves to be fired from the post she currently holds if this was her real reaction, because clearly she has no understanding of culture as her job title calls her to or any understanding at all about human decency to have taken part in this act in the undignified manner that she did.


4 Responses to Clitoridectomy Cake at Sweden’s World Art Day

  1. NinaG says:

    Yeah I still haven’t watched the video but the still images are just disturbing.

  2. Guulo says:

    Indeed, i read an article on Huffpost about it, which came across as very ighthearted/joke/fun for the artist and the minister as the article discussed their supposed exchange. Perhaps we are disturbed or at least if not shocked find this very strange (the laughing/gloating etc) at this scene because we are from the States,, where racial/cultural sensitivity is far more realized/developed than in Europe. I can’t imagine a US public figure equivalent to this minister doing something similar in this era of multiculturalism.

  3. Chinyere says:

    I can’t watch the video…and I just started crying as I read about it on, although that article seemed to miss the FGM point and was otherwise poorly cited, as one of the comments adeptly pointed out.

    I mean, yes, that does give me pause aboug FGM, but it seems to have been entirely lost on this audience who seemed amused at cutting into a black woman. A journalist in Sweden apparently only understood this to be a “N**** Cake” that the Minister of Culture was cutting into. Of course the artists intentions were well placed, but I don’t think this was ever the correct audience and I don’t think this expression effects any change. It just insults the senses at several levels, yes, as FGM should, too, but reading the hype from this event, people seem to be caught more on the race aspect of this, and most other productive commentary has been lost.

    • Guulo says:

      I read theroot article as well and thought the connection of what happened in Sweden with the cake symoblism- to Sarah Baartman was a powerful parallel to make. I do think the issue is greater than FGM, or at least became so after the fact. Symbolism is quite powerful in the human experience, I can’t understand why the audiance, including the minister of culture of all people didn’t get it. I have no idea what the artist’s intentions were, but what troubled me the most and what stood out right away was the conduct of the audiance, the gloating in the act considering the symbolism of the scene. They look like fools and their reaction was most troubling from this event.

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