Novel Update and a sign in the women’s bathroom

Earlier today I had lunch with a young woman, who is an author and owner of her own publishing company.  Several weeks ago I had met her and her husband at our campus bookstore. It was completely by accident. I was volunteering at the annual Public Health Conference on campus and my good friend decided to get coffee downstairs, to which I went along.  

The Starbucks is located inside the bookstore so after getting coffee, I noticed the table she was selling her book.  We chatted for a bit about her book, company, and then I informed her about the story I was writing. I am horrible at networking and with small talk, but when I hit it off with someone, I can become quite garrulous.

I learned that along with her husband she created a book publishing company. She is the creative end, while he handles the business end. I was excited to meet them, a young and very down to earth couple with ambitious plans. I felt like our meeting was meant to be and it was just what I was looking for.

I emailed them the next day and we set a lunch date. I ended up missing that lunch date and she was kind enough to reschedule to today. Our lunch went very well. It was as if I was having lunch with a good friend. She was very easy to talk to and we talked about a lot of things unrelated to books. After our meeting, I am more energized about the story and motivated to make it better for publication.

I have been distracted lately and emotionally drained with all that has been happening, but there is a lot of work that still remains and I need to re-energize for the road ahead.  I can’t wait until the completion of this project.  I hope to do the best possible work that I can.

At the moment I am at a local coffee shop on campus, writing this blog post, while working on projects. I wanted to share this interesting exchange that I found on the wall of the women’s bathroom.

Click on image to expand

The first note, which was probably written by an employee of the shop states:  Please stop stealing our artwork and decorations. Karma will find you.  Jesus already knows who did it. Confess + bring it back + experience forgiveness. Mark 1:15 (which I believe is a Bible verse.).

The second note is in reference to Coyolxauhqui, who is the earth and moon goddess of the Azetcs and this note relates the same message as the first note to the thieves, only this time invoking a goddess and taking aim at patriarchy.

 The third notes states: Keep patriarchy  and Jesus OUT of the women’s bathroom.

I found the whole thing amusing as it shows the spectrum of perspectives, but the message don’t take what is not yours is a shared value, unless of course one is a thief.

I have been at this coffee shop many times before and the decorations/art work such as this image below used to be all over the wall, but now what is left is just two frames, which this frame is among the last two left.  


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  1. Ita says:

    Good luck on ur project,,

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