Honor thy mother

This sunday May 13th is Mother’s day and although this sounds weird I am not big on special holidays that celebrate love, family, and blessings. I have always found it difficult particularly in public to celebrate holidays like Mother’s day. The key word being public.

Holidays are a time of joy and a time of family. I’ve always wondered about the others around us or now days in our circle of social networks, who have lost this fortune that is being celebrated by so many. And what greater fortune is there than a mother?

For those reasons I don’t address these subjects publically and although I wasn’t planning on making a post, I saw this heart gripping photo of a homeless mother living under a large pipe, getting her daughter ready for school , while her son hugs her. The photo embodies the greatness of mothers. I am softie so it made me cry.

What a beautiful and haunting photo. May God help them and grant her and her children mercy.


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