If I ruled the world, I’d end prostitution

There are a lot of things wrong with the world. There is no need to list the wrongs of this world, we all know it.

I think one of the greatest evils, perhaps the greatest evil in my view is the institution of prostitution. I don’t care if it’s always been around, as some say it is the “oldest profession” in the world as if that is supposed to make it okay.

The sex industry boils my blood. It enrages me like nothing else.

I am a very peaceful person. I hate violence, but if I had the power I wouldn’t hesitate to execute the bastards that pimp women and those that pay money for sex.  No woman in this world wants to sleep with countless of sweaty and foul-smelling beasts (because they are not human) for money. I am not referring to the privileged woman from the developed world, who sells her virginity for tens of thousands of dollars on Ebay or the one that sleeps with a governor to get a shopping spree,  I am referring to the millions of poor women around the world forced into this enslavement.

I once watched a documentary on prostitution in Iran. I will never forget it. One of the women featured was a mother (As many prostitutes are, making their daughters at risk to continue the tragic cycle). While this poor mother was having sex with one beast, another beast was holding her baby and waiting for his turn. I couldn’t watch it after that. It is hard to believe such people could come from a woman. It boggles the mind such people were once an innocent baby.

Outside of the pimps and the brothels afflicting the poor women of the world, what pisses me off the most is the biggest pimp of them all. The Netherland’s government. I can’t for the life of me understand a nation with laws, a nation that is not ravaged by poverty, disease or war, a nation that calls itself civilized, would set up a district that sells women behind a glass window.

http://youtu.be/PqJM3bVlAWc  (Very interesting video. Make sure to watch till the end. For some reason I can’t put the video into the post)

I’d want to ask the folks at Netherlands where is the moral outrage? Sad how postitution is being glamorized. Who is talking to those poor women and asking them how they feel.

Every time I feel depressed about the condition of the world, I remember the good people that are not only outraged, but are in the front lines fighting for justice. May God bless them endlessly, for they make the world a better place, for they give a voice to the voiceless and make the hidden visible. May we be among them and if not then the least we can do is to support them morally.


4 Responses to If I ruled the world, I’d end prostitution

  1. NinaG says:

    That youtube video made me think of a doc I saw (can’t remember the name) that talked about men from African countries being lured by men who say they can help them play soccer in Europe and then end up as sex workers.
    I agree that sex work is complex. There are some who choose to be sex workers but that underground wold of sex trafficking is sick. I’ve encountered a few pimps in my younger days, which is really scary when I think about it now.

    • Guulo says:

      Whoa! That is scary, fortunate nothing happened. I have always had a soft heart for sex workers, although their world is far removed from mine, I deeply feel their pain since I was a little girl. It must be a woman thing, that we feel a woman’s pain more.

      I am glad you brought up the men. I am not aware of the documentary, but have heard of it. Men are victims too, poverty is the injustice that allows for these crimes to occur. It’s a complex topic indeed, but when I think of prostitution there arises for me the image of a poor woman, with no money, family, working a dirty brothel and serving countless of men, trapped into this sex enslavement. For me it’s always been that simple. I can’t imagine a greater hell.

  2. imani says:

    I saw both of the documentaries referenced. The Iranian documentary puzzled me. If it is such an oppressive government then how did these filmmakers get away with making such a detailed film? I think one of the women was addicted to Heroin. And luckily got clean and sober. The saddest part was here bringing her son along and him witnessing her drug abuse. It didn’t seem as though they had a red light district… it did not appear that there were many young girls and women doing this. The film documented two divorced women who felt they had to turn to prostitution in order to survive and started doing drugs in order to sell their bodies. It isn’t an anomaly in Iran but it certainly has been in the West forever. And the porn industry is a billion dollar business. The United States has millions of prostitutes and those in the sex industry. And many women who work are sexually harassed. Incest was also brought up in the film and tons of kids in this country are also sexually abused by family members. Everything that happens in Iran happens all around this world when it comes to domestic violence and the sex industry.

    • Guulo says:

      Hi Iman:)

      Thank you for sharing this perspective. I don’t remember the details of that doc, the dude holding the baby to wait “his turn”, was what struck me and stayed with me. I agree with you every society struggles with these ills, and sadly it’s poor women who suffer everywhere.

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