The “Religious” and their war on women.

What religious extremists have in common, apart from hating everyone that doesn’t agree with their world view is their war on women.

The “religious” are obsessed with women and their bodies. If they, these good men of God could have their way then the first order of business would not be to feed the poor, or to heal the injured, or to take care of the orphans in society. You know all of those good deeds that the Holy book teaches.

Oh no. Their greatest moral duty on earth would be to cover up women’s bodies under yards upon yards of fabric and exclude her from any participation in society. This would mean for women, no schooling, no working outside of the home, and none of that nonsense of pursuing her own destiny.

Sit down, don’t talk back, stay in the home to protect your purity and when you are of age give birth to the next generation of good religious men.

“Religious” nutcases in all faiths and cultures love to control women. Controlling women is the 11th commandment or sixth article of faith. Going by their actions when they have power, the need to control women is actually the most important commandment.

It is a strong moral duty they all share, from Kabul, to Mogadishu, to Utah, to Beit Shemesh.

When I hear of some religious interpretations that these so called people of God advance, I can see why there are atheists and folks that want to abolish religion all together. A person of God is supposed to be about serving humanity with kindness, compassion, and mercy for everyone. Yet often you will see people that call themselves “religious” being the harshest, the most unkind, and merciless to others.  Not to mention suffocating the hell out of people and taking away their rights.

I am just happy I learned about my religion before I came across these good men of God.




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