A Lover’s Call: A movie about interfaith love

Yeah, I figured out how to embed youtube video’s in posts via instructions on youtube. God I love youtube, you can basically learn anything!

I saw this trailer for a movie that looks absolutely wonderful! Although it’s a very short trailer to get a sense of it, the concept of this story is very powerful and I am very intrigued to see how this film approaches this sort of love story between two people that are “not meant to be together”, according to the world (faith, culture etc) yet feel this sort of magic between them. Since independent movies like this don’t make it to theaters, we’d have to do some digging to see it. I’ll have to once my exams and projects are out of the way, which sadly for me won’t be till August. And please if there are any independent films you thought were amazing, share them with me. Peace and Love.


2 Responses to A Lover’s Call: A movie about interfaith love

  1. asiyah3 says:

    It’s funny you write this. Today, I was just thinking about how extremists (beit religious, nonreligious, any form) are always at war against women (and children). We’re so powerful.

    • Guulo says:

      Hi Asiyah,

      Thank you for commenting. I believe you are refering to the other post, “The religious and their war on women”. I think that is perhaps the very reason why these extremists are at war with women. They fear the power of women.It’s an irrational belief. After-all they blame a woman for the downfall of humanity or blame women for a man’s inablity to be in control of himself, she and her body is a temptress in their eyes so they seek to take away her “power”, which really is her God given rights to be fully human on this earth.

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