Weird dreams and life reflections

Last night I had a very strange dream. I usually don’t dream, because my mind tends to be awake and too busy thinking. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream and by dream I mean a full story or at least a clip of a story. When I do dream there seems to be certain themes that I dream about. The most dominate themes are that I am either being frightened or I am playing a hero saving someone from trouble. Although I am no dream interpreter, I do believe both of these themes are telling about my “being”, whatever that is.

Ever since I can remember I had a deep sense to take care of others, especially those who are less fortunate. I am emotionally moved easily by the experiences of others and I have always loved people who fought for the weak and the vulnerable so it is no surprise I get to play those roles in my dreams.

As for being frightened, I crave safety and comfort. I am no risk taker, especially when the matter concerns my heart. I guard myself safely. I am afraid of all the things, which could go wrong even amidst the sea of happiness in which I swim daily, because there is that voice which whispers my time to drown shall come. I imagine pain and suffering that isn’t even there, because I know it will come. It must come. It always does, doesn’t it? Isn’t that the nature of the universe? To strip away our happiness? I mean, who in this world goes through life unscarred? Whose heart has never been broken? Isn’t it, a matter of sooner or later?

But so what, if it is? So what, if you get your heart broken and you suffer losses? Haven’t you also felt love, joy and won many battles? And if not, isn’t it within you to feel love, to feel joy and to win the important battles in which you fight?

It is all possible and it is all a part of life. The ups and downs are part of our journey. The older I have become, the more I begin to realize to truly live, to truly grow and to truly feel magic, I must be willing to step outside my comfort zone and have the courage to follow my heart. And to not be so overwhelmed with what the future holds and forget the moment in which I have been given. It is easier said than done of course, but it must be done otherwise we live only halfway. We will be too afraid to experience. Too afraid of all the things that could go wrong. We have no control on what the future will bring. All we have is this moment and over this moment we do exercise a great deal of power. It may sound like a cliché, but it was right all along. It is all within you.

As Imam Ali RA is quoted to have said:

“Your sickness is from you – but you do not perceive it
You remedy is within you – but you do not sense it
You presume that you are a small entity – whereas within in you is enfolded the entire universe
You are indeed the evident book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest,
Therefore you have no need to look beyond yourself; what you seek is within you, if only you reflect.”

And back to my strange dream, which brought forth all these mixed feelings. I was at home and in a room when three peculiar beautiful looking birds visited me. The birds were yellow and green, and of big size for their species. And of course this being a dream, these birds could talk. After smiling and admiring the beauty of these birds, I opened the window to set them free. I told them to fly away and be free. Two of the birds followed my call and flew away. The third stood on the window and looked back me. It said, “I’m not flying away. It is youm al qiyamah.” I laughed and looked at the bird, thinking there is no way this is youm al qiyamah. It’s far too soon and it isn’t supposed to happen in my lifetime. Those were my instant thoughts. Then the bird looked back at the sky and I went closer to the window to also take a look. That is when my heart fell. And I mean really fell. Imagine utter terror.

The hour had come so my first instinct was to make my salah. I was too frightened to meet God without one last prayer and last plea for mercy. My second instinct was to get my parents. Chaos ensued and I am feeling all the emotions of dread. That is where the dream ended.

Youm al qiyamah is the Arabic phrase for the Day of Judgment. The bird in my dream did use those exact words and I relate here the exact dream I had last night. In my opinion dreams are not meant to be taken literally. Of course everyone has their interpretations, but I don’t believe the dream was about youm al qiyamah per se. Currently, I am going through a life changing phase, in which I feel all the emotions one feels in a time of uncertainty and great change so I believe that is where my dream came from. And because I am very connected spiritually to my faith, in times of panic and fear I turn to my two sources of strength, God and my parents, may God always protect them for me.

I also took from the dream, life is short. Even if one is uncertain or simply doesn’t believe in an afterlife, there is no dispute about death and none of us know when our time is coming. We may think we have a long time to go, but we don’t know for sure. Therefore I took it as a reminder to live each day with a sense of urgency. To not be afraid of what I have no control over and to have the courage to make for myself the life I wish to have. That requires risk taking and letting my heart go.

Peace & Love.


14 Responses to Weird dreams and life reflections

  1. BB says:

    Wow, that’s one interesting dream you got there. Talking birds and youm alqiyama, as you said ‘everyone has their interpretations’ , there is some Islamic dream translation books maybe they can shade some light on the ‘youm alqiyama’ part of your dream :).
    Wish you all the best with work,study and your book, i find what ever you write very interesting and i bet there are some people out there that share the same opinion . Best of luck .

    • Guulo says:

      Thank you BB for the well wishes. I wish you the same. Haha, I thought it was crazy weird dream and was like, should I post this? I mean talking birds, i may sound loco you know. But it made me reflect in so many ways. I am going through a lot right now, so I think it was just my feelings wrapped up into something big. I didn’t know there were Islamic dream tranlation books. I always thought traditionally Muslims stayed away from dwelling in the matters of the “unseen”, as to give a definitive answer to dreams etc. Heh. I am kinda of afraid to read dream translations from “experts”. One of my good friends does have a dream book, and we looked at it long ago just for fun sake and the interesting thing is the interpretations of dreams in those books are always spinned to give the person a positive outcome and hope, rather than fear and dread. And you may be aware this is exactly what Somalis do. Whenever I tell my parents a weird dream I had, they always spin it in a positive direction and I end up feeling better. it is a good thing I suspose. Always give hope to another person and most of all to oneself.

  2. Ita says:

    Sometimes dream is just a dream, another time a dream is a sign. And a dream of those who have iman is a clue to something they ask from God. . . I dont realy know bout dream interpretation. .
    But that was a really nice
    dream i thought..

    • Guulo says:

      Thank you Ita for sharing your thoughts. I have heard before what you just wrote and have also heard people whose dreams are telling of reality or events to come etc, I listen and don’t deny it, because it something I just don’t know, but it is interesting. I hope all is khair on your end:)

      • Ita says:

        Syukran jiddan ukhti for wishing me khair 🙂
        i also dont really know bout dream thing.
        But u write ur all perspective beautifully. And really enjoy reading it. I read ur posts regularly. But just not always post a comment. Wish u khair too 🙂 always nice to read ur post. . .

      • Guulo says:

        Thank you sis for your kind words:). Take care:)

  3. you said the birds was big , the bigger the bird the more you will succeed in life and achieve your dreams.reflection of the story of the prophet Sulieman cs who used to speak with birds and used to understand the animals language!
    ” peculiar beautiful looking birds” that means you dont know their type, if you see a bird that you dont know it type it represent the angle of death.
    InshAllah 7’air just dont share the nightmares, because the prophet pbuh forbid us from sharing it, even from the closest people!

    • Guulo says:

      Me thinks there should be something against telling folks their dreams represent the angel of death, not that our words or sayings control the nature of life. Just gloomy. I prefer the Somali method of translating nightmares in a kinder way, and thus settling the soul. Thanks for commenting and stopping by. Salaam

      • me think I should tell you the truth,lol since you asked for it,and secondly im giving interpretation based on our religion, also just cause it represent angle of death peace be upon him, it dont mean death, maybe its a reminder!

      • Guulo says:

        Haha,just mean Omar. Just mean. I kid. I wasnt sure I asked for interpretation, its been awhile since this post. When I have dreams I never seek meanings behind them for myself. I do think dreams are just a reflection of our emotions ie our emotional state, and nothing more. I do find them fascinating tho and seek a benefit if there is one, as you have said a reminder. And Of course, some look for signs etc, and that is fine. But im always happy to hear viewpoints no matter how scary so thank you. And if you dont mind, if you could share the source of that interpretation. JZK

  4. well the prophet Yusuf pbuh used to interpret dreams, therefore dreams are not only reflections of your life, it can tell you something in the future, lol btw your dream is not bad, its nice inshAllah, I did one mistake I should say Allah a3lam!

    • Guulo says:

      Yes, I am aware Yusuf AS interpreted dreams, but he was a prophet. In my understanding of the deen, prophets/messengers are given certain miracles, in which the common folk don’t have. Musa AS spoke with God, and Isa AS cured people etc, etc. I am not denying there can be more to dreams, but Islamically speaking in my understanding, dreams/future are matters of the unseen. For one to claim knowledge of it and predict upon that knowledge, is a form of shrik. In fact it’s something that is greatly stressed against, as I was taught. But like you said Allahu Aclam.

      ps: thank you for the link, sadly I am not versed in Arabic to understand the information.

      • this subject is deep, indeed it was miracle, but there are muslim dream interpreters, based on quran and hadiith such as Muhammad Ibn Siren (653-729 CE), dream interpreters dont predict future, they only interpret what you saw in your dream, hence past, again based on Quran and Sunnah, and thats why they end every interpretation with Allahu a3lan “Allah knows the best”

      • Guulo says:

        It is almost a slippery slope, the line between interpreting a dream and providing answers. I find it almost hard not to head there for the one doing the interpreting and for the one seeking the interpretation. And hence stating our obvious limits as human beings with the ending “Allahu Aclam”. It is fascinating. I’ve always found this areaa fascinating. I just don’t put too much weight on interpreters, be they secular or religious. Not to say one shouldn’t take benefit from anyone and I do believe in benefiting from others where possible, dream interpretations included. Thank you for the interesting exchange.

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