Novel: Update

I think the last I updated was in July. Oh how time flies. Although I don’t have any specific dates to report, I thought it was a good idea to update anyways. Since the last update, the story has been out of my hands and with the publisher to be edited. We communicate through email, since my publisher has relocated to California. I think I may have implied, everything would be finished by September, and boy was I off. Rookie mistake. The process takes a lot of time and my publisher has been very kind to let me know patience is needed. And I totally understand and just grateful for the opportunity so waiting is nothing major.

I was informed that they are in the last stages of editing and then the changes will be given to me to look over. Hopefully this will occur within a week or so, but I can’t say for sure. The process should be at its latest completed by December. This is what I was told. I was not given a set date, but when I do get a date, I will be sure to update. Any new update about the project, I shall post here. A graphic artist is also working on the book cover and I hope to post the finished design here as well. That’s pretty much it. Things should pick up after the editing process is completed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart to each one of you, who has shared this journey with me from the beginning. Take care and will write soon. Peace & Love.


2 Responses to Novel: Update

  1. Nell says:

    Anything good is worth waiting for!

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