Women Who Refuse to Die-Al Jazeera Documentary on the The Srebrenica massacre 1995

“When they took away my children in 1995, they also killed me – in the most brutal manner. This is not life …. I had my family and in just one day I’m left without them, without knowing why. And every morning I ask myself why, but there is no answer. My children were only guilty of having the names they had and their names were different from their killers. It was not only my children killed on July 11, 1995; thousands of other innocent children were murdered in the bloody genocide in Srebrenica …. I no longer have anything to lose; the criminals killed all I had, except for my pride.”

Hatidza Mehmedovic


The “Religious” and their war on women.

What religious extremists have in common, apart from hating everyone that doesn’t agree with their world view is their war on women.

The “religious” are obsessed with women and their bodies. If they, these good men of God could have their way then the first order of business would not be to feed the poor, or to heal the injured, or to take care of the orphans in society. You know all of those good deeds that the Holy book teaches.

Oh no. Their greatest moral duty on earth would be to cover up women’s bodies under yards upon yards of fabric and exclude her from any participation in society. This would mean for women, no schooling, no working outside of the home, and none of that nonsense of pursuing her own destiny.

Sit down, don’t talk back, stay in the home to protect your purity and when you are of age give birth to the next generation of good religious men.

“Religious” nutcases in all faiths and cultures love to control women. Controlling women is the 11th commandment or sixth article of faith. Going by their actions when they have power, the need to control women is actually the most important commandment.

It is a strong moral duty they all share, from Kabul, to Mogadishu, to Utah, to Beit Shemesh. http://youtu.be/I5HKtaaws-g

When I hear of some religious interpretations that these so called people of God advance, I can see why there are atheists and folks that want to abolish religion all together. A person of God is supposed to be about serving humanity with kindness, compassion, and mercy for everyone. Yet often you will see people that call themselves “religious” being the harshest, the most unkind, and merciless to others.  Not to mention suffocating the hell out of people and taking away their rights.

I am just happy I learned about my religion before I came across these good men of God.



If I ruled the world, I’d end prostitution

There are a lot of things wrong with the world. There is no need to list the wrongs of this world, we all know it.

I think one of the greatest evils, perhaps the greatest evil in my view is the institution of prostitution. I don’t care if it’s always been around, as some say it is the “oldest profession” in the world as if that is supposed to make it okay.

The sex industry boils my blood. It enrages me like nothing else.

I am a very peaceful person. I hate violence, but if I had the power I wouldn’t hesitate to execute the bastards that pimp women and those that pay money for sex.  No woman in this world wants to sleep with countless of sweaty and foul-smelling beasts (because they are not human) for money. I am not referring to the privileged woman from the developed world, who sells her virginity for tens of thousands of dollars on Ebay or the one that sleeps with a governor to get a shopping spree,  I am referring to the millions of poor women around the world forced into this enslavement.

I once watched a documentary on prostitution in Iran. I will never forget it. One of the women featured was a mother (As many prostitutes are, making their daughters at risk to continue the tragic cycle). While this poor mother was having sex with one beast, another beast was holding her baby and waiting for his turn. I couldn’t watch it after that. It is hard to believe such people could come from a woman. It boggles the mind such people were once an innocent baby.

Outside of the pimps and the brothels afflicting the poor women of the world, what pisses me off the most is the biggest pimp of them all. The Netherland’s government. I can’t for the life of me understand a nation with laws, a nation that is not ravaged by poverty, disease or war, a nation that calls itself civilized, would set up a district that sells women behind a glass window.

http://youtu.be/PqJM3bVlAWc  (Very interesting video. Make sure to watch till the end. For some reason I can’t put the video into the post)

I’d want to ask the folks at Netherlands where is the moral outrage? Sad how postitution is being glamorized. Who is talking to those poor women and asking them how they feel.

Every time I feel depressed about the condition of the world, I remember the good people that are not only outraged, but are in the front lines fighting for justice. May God bless them endlessly, for they make the world a better place, for they give a voice to the voiceless and make the hidden visible. May we be among them and if not then the least we can do is to support them morally.

Clitoridectomy Cake at Sweden’s World Art Day

Above picture is Sweden’s minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.

The clitoridectomy Cake or “Painful cake” she is cutting depicts an “African woman” and the purpose was said to shed light on female genital mutilation (FGM). The scene is disturbing and shocking, as the attendees cut into the cake and the artist behind the black mask screams after the slicing.

There may have been some value in the symbolism at display if the attendees, including Sweden’s minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth weren’t too keen in the act and gloating at cutting the figure.

I mean just look at those smiles and the frenzy that is happening, one would think they were at a concert watching their favorite musician.

Not one person in that audience seems disturbed at this scene and what it represents. Something is not right here.

Someone please tell me this was all an act and there is more to this story. Putting aside the racial element to this scene and the motivations of the artist whatever that maybe, surly the longer version of the video would show us the attendees, many of them being women, including the minister of CULTURE of all things would have more intelligence and they were just acting here?

Either Mrs. Liljeroth deserves an Oscar for her gloating performance and this was all an act for the show, or deserves to be fired from the post she currently holds if this was her real reaction, because clearly she has no understanding of culture as her job title calls her to or any understanding at all about human decency to have taken part in this act in the undignified manner that she did.

Anna Brown, injustice of the system

I came across this tragic story on Clutch Magazine earlier today. http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2012/03/anna-browns-death-reminds-us-why-everyone-needs-health-coverage/

I am not a stranger to reading/hearing/listening about tragic stories and news. I read heavily about world events, so from the news, documentaries and so forth I have read about great human suffering and it’s my main reason why I seek a path that puts me in a powerful position to correct the wrongs against the poor and do my part in this life to help the afflicted, weak and vulnerable. When I read this story earlier about this young woman that was dealt a cruel fate I couldn’t stop crying. I am still crying. I will be haunted for a long time by her unfortunate story and I never want to forget her story. I want to carry her story with me as I carry many other stories so that I may never have a cold heart that doesn’t feel, a heart with no empathy towards the human condition.

The world can be such a cruel place. I can’t but loathe our society where something like this can happen. I can’t help but hate the system that saw a mother living in horrid conditions, but instead of helping her get back on her feet and giving her hope, saw it was more correct, more right to take away perhaps the only hope in her life, her children.

I don’t wish to be judgmental, but I wonder what happened to family. The victim had 9 siblings and a mother, neighbors and perhaps friends. Often times people come out of the woodwork when it’s too late and how unfortunate that is. And what an unfortunate end to be suffering and rather than receive medical treatment, to be dragged off to jail to die. I wonder about the hearts of all those who watched, agreed to and dragged her off as she cried out in pain. I can only imagine in their hearts they removed her humanity and saw her as a homeless druggie. How else can one watch another being dwell in pain and suffering? Only when in their hearts is emptied of empathy.

The young lady was thought to be on drugs and refusing to leave the hospital because she was homeless, which was untrue as the autopsy revealed no drugs in her system and she died from blood clotting in her legs. The hospital claims they did all the right tests and I do not know all the details except what I have read, but I know in my gut that being a poor, homeless, black woman certainly played a significant role in the quality of care she received. Unfortunately we live in a world where the life of a poor person is not as important and the efforts even from those who have sworn an oath to protect the wellbeing of all human beings will not be equal. I can only pray for Anna Brown and hope her children have a bright future. May God rest her soul.

More on Anna Brown’s story: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/woman-unhappy-with-care-at-st-mary-s-hospital-is/article_ed640f3d-64a0-516c-88ff-fb770b5e9677.html#ixzz1qXAUb9xv

Oh Whitney!

I join the rest of the world to pause and to pay tribute to Whitney. For the past several hours I’ve been playing Whitney non-stop and I am unable to sleep. Oh Whitney you are dearly missed. You know you are the greatest, you know no one can compare when you reach across continents, cultures, faiths, and generations. Besides Michael there is no other like Whitney. I remember watching the Bodyguard years ago as a child in the early 90s and listening to Whitney sing with my mother. And even though English was not our first language and music was not played in our home without protests from my parents only Whitney’s voice transcended the barriers of language, culture and religion. Only Whitney’s voice silenced the noises and made everyone sit back in awe to listen to such an amazing voice like no other.

I feel lucky to be part of a generation that grew up with Whitney’s voice. When one has experienced the magic of Whitney, the zenith of human talent it’s difficult to be impressed after that and I doubt I ever will be so I remain possessive of the music Whitney left behind. There is Whitney and there is everyone else.

As a Muslim I do not believe one life is more important, or more significant than another life. My faith encourages me to remember death often as it puts life into a perspective. We shall each be put in a hole in the ground and covered with dirt regardless of how we walked upon the earth. Truly the peasant and the king, the celebrated world icon and the nameless person on the street corner, the rich and the poor come from God and shall return to God equally. And that is what counts the most than world recognition.

So that we pause and pay tribute to Whitney is not to say her life is more important than the hundreds of thousands of people that die each day, including those dying right now in war, and oppression in Syria and other parts of the world. Nor does our remembrance do anything for Whitney after departing this world. It’s only that for many us Whitney was part of our experience and we feel a friend has passed on.

The world pauses tonight to remember Whitney and will do so for the coming days, months, years, and to those who truly loved Whitney till their own deaths. Tomorrow is the Grammy’s and as I type this post the Clive Davis party Whitney was supposed to attend is probably ending.

And as I watch the tributes to Whitney like I watched the tributes to Michael I say Aduunyo xalka ba’! Oh how fleeting and deceiving is the world! Death is ever creeping around the corner, sooner or later will knock out our souls and those we love. Death does not discriminate between rich or poor, powerful or weak, famous or unknown, young or old, healthy or unhealthy, it’s the one truth that is guaranteed for all. World fame, awards, riches, sooner or later the mansion raised up will be replaced by the home in the grave lowered onto the earth. I can’t think of a scene more humbling for life than that of death.

Tonight many remember Whitney, many have cried, but only a very few have their entire world collapsed upon them, so much so that they are unable to attend a party to sing or even to speak and are under the covers of a blanket crying their heart out. They are what matter. They are the true lovers.

For the rest of us life will go on. Aduunyo xalka ba’! Oh how fleeting and deceiving is the world!

The Interrupters: Ameena Matthews

Strong sister, oh yeah

“Honor Killing in Canada”

I’ve been following a bit the trial in Canada that has been called the “Honor Killing Trial”. Three young girls, all sisters and their father’s second wife have been found dead. Their death was classified as a murder by the brother of the girls, while father and mother have been found to have conspired to the murder. Only the brother was behind the vehicle that is said to have pushed the girls over the bridge.

The girls are said to have adopted a “western lifestyle” and because of that the family felt “dishonored”. More news of this can be found, just google the “Shafia verdict”.

While I was reading some of the articles and watched a segment on Anderson Cooper (I as a Muslim is frustrated that he and many others have linked these type of killings to Islam. Anyone that has any exposure to real Islam not the one projected by the media will know these sort of killings are cultural not religious, but that is another topic, Muslim hating continues as village people and their crimes continue to be connected to Islam) what I found interesting was the main evidence apart from the car headlights that was broken, are the words rather the curses said by the father and in extension the family.

The words are vile and reveal intense hatred towards the young girls and the path they chose. It got me thinking about cultures that are so honor obsessed. In the Somali language honor is called “Sharaf” and I have heard death is better than dishonor, in other words honor especially the honor of the “family name” is so deeply rooted in the mentality of honor obsessed cultures. I don’t think it’s an easy concept to understand in cultures like the Western cultures where individualism rather than family honor is more important.

So when one betrays what is considered “honor” such as to dress promiscuity, club, party, engage in sex etc, such a person (especially if one is a girl) then they are cursed in the worst way possible by some people. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard similar to what the father in this case was quoted as saying. “May God cruse…..” “They are better off dead then to be that way…” And the similar.

So it got me thinking do these cruses no matter how vile and despicable they are, do they amount to murder? There is no doubt some people that say these cruses and have these beliefs actually do carry out murder, and there are others that are just as emotionally hateful and hold similar beliefs, who say the same cruses yet don’t commit murder. Each and every case will be different and as such should be treated individually. This is why strong physical evidence is so important, more important than recorded cruses in crime convictions.

May God grant the victims peace.

The Dark Side of Chocolate

As a big chocolate lover this is distrubing :(. I remember reading an article to sustain our lifestyle, those of us in the “First World” most particular in the US each one of us that includes you and me have 25 slaves in the world. We need to be more aware about our consumerism. I hold myself accountable first.

It’s tough being black

German journalist darkens his skin & under hidden camera shows what it is like being black in a part of Germany. Black people are the one race, where we face discrimination like this in every part of the world, from Asia–>Middle East–>Europe–>North America–>Latin America, we as a race face this sort of humiliation. What do these populations around the world have in common to hate on black people? Ill let you figure that one out.