How watching a movie can display cultural differences

Have you ever gone to a “black movie”, like a Tyler Perry Movie or have you ever been to a movie where the majority in the audience happen to be African American? If yes, then have you ever caught a movie where the majority in the audience happen to be Caucasian?

If yes to both of those questions, what contrasts between the two audiences have you observed?

I have observed both audiences and saw stark differences. Audiences where the majority are black happen to be more lively, colorful, and interactive. For example if you go to any of those Tyler Perry movies at the theater you’ll most likely find that vast majority happen to be African American and women. And you will most certainly experience the cultural difference I am speaking about. The audience will laugh out loud, joke, interact with each other, express approval and disapproval, and make more jokes! In other words the audience will be lively!

White audiences on the on the other hand, may laugh quietly, whisper and chuckle here and there, look at the person next to them when they see something interesting, but that’s about as lively as it gets.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are individuals regardless of their race that fit into either category or have a little of both in them. I am black, but I tend to watch a movie quietly and follow along without much expression (in other words I am not a lively person!).

Somali’s and African American’s have two different cultures, but they share many similarities as black people. I was just watching Nutty Professor with my mother and boy did she make a lot of jokes, and I laughed hysterically, just as I do when I am around African American audiences at the movies. I just love it and I tend to laugh so hard.

Of course too much of anything will not be good and watching a movie with much noise from the audiance will be annoying and disrespectful, but this is not what I am getting at. What I am getting at is how enjoyable it is (to me anyways), when people exhibit liveliness. The jokes, the energy, the colorful expressions of black people it makes life much more enjoyable!