Diverse range of Music

Music is one of those factors in the world that is truly universal. True, each one of us has certain tastes and we tend to connect with a specific genres more than others, but I imagine most of us also appreciate a diverse range of music. I mainly listen to Somali music and hip-hop/R&B, and more so I still can’t let go of the good old days, also known as the 90s. As for Somali music, I am still stuck in my parents’ generation with artists like Magool (AUN) Omar Dhuule (AUN), Maandeeq, Khadro and Zaynab Cige to name a few being my soundtrack. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I am getting older, but most of these young folks coming up just can’t compare. Yes, I am defiantly getting old. That must be it. Every generation says the same thing. Songs were like poetry sung in a beautiful voice. So deep and profound. These days, it’s hard to find the depth the old songs used to capture, but once in a while you get lucky and find a gem.

Although, certain music happens to dominate my taste, I have loved music from nearly every country and genre, most often in languages I don’t even understand.

What often happens to me is when I find a song I enjoy then I’ll play the heck out of it until I get sick of it. I guess I can have a young and hip side to me when it comes to music because several weeks ago it was the song “Juju” by Prince Zamani, who is a Nigerian hip-hop artist that I couldn’t stop playing. I love the beats of Nigerian songs and their accents. Listen to David ft Neato C “Back When”, to understand what I mean by accents. I just love accents. Says Naja, Naja big ups in her cool voice. So Nigerian music is my new found area of music at the moment.

As well, this hot song by Falis the lead singer from the group Waayaha Cusub (New Dawn). I think this song is perhaps my favorite Waayaha Cusub song, personally, though I do like their more important political and social messages.

Waayaha Cusub is a young Somali musical group based in Nairobi, Kenya. This group has been in the news for taking a stand against the terrorist organization “Alshabab” in Somalia.  Their music has a strong poltical message, and it’s certaintly not easy for taking a stand when your community is deeply divided and you run the risk of harm. Strong young people they are.

Here is a very brief news clip about the group.